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Our apologies for the issue. This will be sent to our parts department that will work diligently to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible. A couple things to consider that will assist us in getting this resolved for you.

1. Please send any supporting pictures to this customer service ticket

2. If any damage or incorrect parts then please send pictures back far enough we can tell which panel/part it is and what would need to be done to get it corrected. A close up picture 1″ from damage on a panel makes it difficult to determine what needs to be done, what panel it is, was artwork affected, etc.

3. Ensure you actually ordered a part you believe is missing in the order description and if so we will get this resolved

4. Sending general pictures of what you received in full helps us determine if something else may be missing you have not identified yet so we can get everything needed shipped at one time.

5. Be understanding if you made a bunch of changes after your initial order as we strive to get them in the system it is sometimes hard depending on the state your order was in when you sent the changes. We work to ship lightning fast so some times late changes do not make it in the system prior to shipping.

We know damage, incorrect or missing parts can be discouraging and we will get it resolved for you. Also keep in mind we build every unit custom for the 100s of daily customers which is what makes us special compared to most competitors that do not offer custom artwork, parts, cuts, etc. We will do our very best to get your issue resolved timely.

Our parts department is available during our normal business hours Monday – Friday from 9AM to 4PM Central Standard Time. In most cases you will get a response to this ticket within 1 business day, but we strive for same business day contact. Please check your spam folder periodically if you have not received a response.

Thank you for being a valued customer.

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