GRS Jukebox

Music and music videos in a package that can transform your room into the center piece of entertaining.


Our jukebox solutions include the following:

  • High Quality PC parts capable of 1080p
  • Touchscreen LED monitor
  • Custom full standing or wall mount cabinet
  • Music beat changing LED lighting
  • Simple folder structure to drop your movies, tv shows, music, photos, games, etc
  • In home setup and walk through
  • Consultation Services or assistance in adding your content
  • Constant communication
  • 6 month hardware guarantee

Contact us for more information.


Hey, I’m trying to kick Feature Friday back up on the new XBMC Community site, and I was wondering if I could feature your video one of these times? That might be the coolest jukebox I’ve ever seen! – Message from Nate Thomas – Team XBMC Community Manager