Free TV and Movies with Genesis Exodus 1Channel XBMC Kodi Library Integration

How would you like to be able to stream any TV Show or Movie on any TV in your house for free?  In this post, I am going to show you how to setup free media center software and install streaming video addons that will give you full access to the newest releases as well as old favorites.  You will be able to setup software in about 15 min on hardware that is very cheap starting at sub $40.  Want a Fire TV or Fire TV stick for your TV already configured and ready to go?  We will get you one in a couple days!  Shop FireTV options.  There are no ongoing monthly or software fees.  Furthermore, you will learn how to configure the media center software where your wife/girlfriend and even kids can easily use it.  When done you will be able to simply add new shows and movies to your system at will, while your favorite TV shows will automatically add new episodes the same day they air.  You will not download any files ever.  Just simply stream media files from the web that are viewed no different than any other video streaming your family does already.  Did I mention that there are no commercials to interrupt you watching your videos?  1Channel XBMC Kodi Library Integration is the ultimate package for your home theater.

A quick sample of the interface you will have.

Kodi addons 1channel xbmc popular tv seriesKodi addons 1channel xbmc popular Movies

Note:  If you are familiar with Kodi and video addons such as 1Channel XBMC, IceFilms, Genesis, or Exodus then you will want to check out our post on integrating with trakt tv.  Also Genesis is slowly dying as the author has stopped development in favor of his new addon called Exodus.  For the purpose of the blog I will use the names together, but rest assured you want Exodus not Genesis.  The navigate the same so if you know Genesis, Exodus will be nearly identical.

If you are new to free media center software,  let’s get started.  We will be using a very efficient, visually beautiful free media center software call Kodi.  It used to be called XBMC as it was originally developed for the Xbox, hence Xbox Media Center.  Now it runs on about any piece of hardware including operating systems Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, or Linux.  What this means is you can install it on the device you are using to view this post.  My current favorite device to run on my TV’s in the house is the sub $40 Amazon Fire Tv Stick or the $99 Fire TV.  More on hardware options later.

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Here is a video walk through with a very detailed step by step post below.

Step 1 Install Kodi and the Streaming Addons

Go to and download the version you need to install based on the device you are going to use to watch Movies/TV Shows

Install Kodi on your device, we will do Windows for this installation example.  You can read and see how to use a Fire TV on our Install Kodi on Fire TV Blog.  Return here to make sure you learn how to configure Kodi to give you free unlimited access to movies and tv by 1Channel XBMC Kodi library integration.

Launch Kodi.  The first thing we are going to do is put in a web location where we can easily install video addons.  Video addons are essentially plugins of streaming software that allow you to access media stored on the web for free.  To add the web location.

  • On the home screen, go to Settings
  • Press the down key then select “File Manager”
  • Add Source and type the following into the location “” without the quotes
  • Name it fusion and “ok”

I will throw in the disclaimer that the crew is not associated with Kodi and support this functionality on their own outside and independent of Kodi development and association.

Now that the fusion installer is available we are going to install 2 of the best plugins for streaming Movies and TV shows.  They are called 1Channel and Genesis/Exodus.  There are tons of them out there, but these are two of the best and essentially do the same thing.  To get the addons we need to do a couple steps.  We will start by installing the repositories where can get those addons.

  • Go to video on the home screen and press down, then video addons
  • Click “Get More”
  • Now we need to get to the screen where it says “Install from a zip file” which may not be the first screen you see
    • If not press the two dots “..” to continue going back screens until you see and select the install of a zip file

1channel xbmc install from zip

  • This will pull up locations on your computer to find the zip file including the fusion location we created earlier which is what we will select
  • In the folder go to repos
    • The two repositories we want to install are the following simply press enter and install on each of them.
      • lambda-(current version)
      • tknorris.release-(current version) Exodus Repository
    • You will see other dependencies install automatically during this 1 min or so process
  • Once installed hit back space until you get to the home page. Stay on videos press down and click Video Addons again
  • Hit get more and now you will see the repositories we installed
    • Go into the lambda, video addons and install 1 channel
    • Back out of there back to the installed repositories and go into the Exodus Repository, video addons and install Exodus formally Genesis

Kodi lambda tvnorris addons 1channel xbmc genesis

Step 2 TV Shows and Movies

Update:  We found another way that is very efficient to sync your favorite online streaming media across all your Kodi Boxes Free Streaming TV and Movies with Kodi XBMC Genesis and Trakt TV

Continued…  Here we are going to want to add to your library TV Shows and Movies that you will want quick access to and will make it easier for others to access as well.  You can also watch them this way, but I am going to show you a trick to make it more seamless.

  • Hit backspace until you get back to the main home screen
  • Again, go to videos and press down and video addons
  • Now select 1 channel or Exodus
    • It doesn’t matter, they both give you outstanding access to a Movie and TV library any Blockbuster would have been proud of in the past or any streaming service of today. You will want to mess around with both of them to determine which one works better for you
  • Whichever one you decided to try first the menus are self-explanatory. You can go into tv shows or movies.  View popular, search, find your show by A-Z directory, etc.  I would suggest playing a few movies or TV Shows and get familiar with it.  When you click a show or movie you will be presented with several sources across the web.  Typically you can select the one with the highest views and it will start streaming instantly (or within a few seconds).  If it does not work for some reason simply select another source.  A few might periodically prompt you for a captcha to prove you are human which you can cancel and select another source or simply enter the captcha.

Kodi addons 1channel xbmc genesis

For most people this is where they stop.  They are joyously overwhelmed at the amount of content they have at their fingertips with the addons Exodus, 1channel xbmc Kodi.  The bonus of all of this is when you add your favorites to the Kodi library directly.  This means Kodi will scan in the metadata such as episode information, fan art, movie posters, etc.  So you will have super-fast access to your favorites from the Kodi main screen, but then will stream what you want to watch from the web when you click it.  It makes the process seamless and is very impressive for friends and family when you show it off.

Step 3 Add to Library

IMPORTANT – While you are messing around in 1Channel or Exodus go to a TV Series/s and Movie/s you would want easy access to.  Highlight the TV Series or Movie and press the “c” key on your keyboard or the menu key on other devices with a remote control.  This will bring up the context menu and you will see an option to “add to library”  click that one.  Repeat that process to at least get a few TV series and Movies added to library.  Do not add the same TV Series and Movies from the different addons.  Example:  Only add Big Bang Theory from 1Channel or Exodus, not both.

Kodi addons 1channel xbmc add to library

Slow down….  Just because we chose to add media to our main library does not mean it is there yet.  To do this we will need to add a video source and point to our plugn folders.  A video source differs from a video addon, as a source is a location on your machine or network where you can access metadata or actual media.  Again, the addon is a plugin for your free media center software.  We are going to add a source to access the metadata for all the movies/tv series we did the “add to library” function earlier and in the future.  The following is a onetime step.

  • Go back to the home screen and go to videos and press down
    • This time we will click files
    • On the next screen if you do not see the word files then hit dots to go back until you do
    • Go into files then hit “Add Videos”
      • In the address we will type the following “special://profile” without quotes
      • It will auto name it profile, it can be named whatever you want, but profile works great
      • Ok out and you will see it added the folder/source you just created

Kodi add source for 1channel xbmc library integration

  • Now we will setup to scan our favorite TV Series and Movies into the main Kodi Library
    • Go into the profile folder you just created and then into the “app data” folder
    • You will see both 1Channel and Exodus there

Kodi addon_data 1channel xbmc add to library

  • Select one and then highlight the TV Show folder
  • Press the “c” or menu key to bring up the context menu again and select “set content”
    • Essentially what we are going to here is tell Kodi what kind on media is in the TV folder
  • Select TV Shows then press ok at the bottom
    • You will see it start to scan in the meta data for all the TV Series you did the “add to library” function on earlier
      • Note: It is not downloading or storing any media files, just the artwork, info, etc to stream later
    • Next select the Movie folder and repeat the context menu, set content process
      • This time select Movies for the content and select the option that “all movies are in separate folders” then ok out
    • You would do the same thing for the other addon (1Channel or Exodus)

Kodi addon_data add to library 1channel xbmc Set Content

Step 4 The Payoff

Exit back out to the home screen.  You will now see a TV and Movies folder.  Go into either one.  Wam bam thank you mam, all your favorites are there for instant access without downloading a single media file.  When you select to actually play a file it will hit the link to stream if from the web and you are in business.  So for others that will want to watch TVs and Movies on your setup they can easily do it through your libraries instead of having to know how to navigate into and out of the video Exodus or 1channel XBMC Kodi addons.  You do however know how to navigate the addons.  The beauty now is you can go into the video addons (1Channel or Exodus) and hit add to library to continually add other TV Series and new Movies to your library for yourself and others to enjoy.  You do not have to mess with Step 3 again, just click add to library and it will scan in.  Also the TV Series you add to the main library will auto update and add new episodes as soon as they are available.


Kodi is in my opinion the best free media center software available.  It has many years of development and learning behind it.  It is versatile as it can be installed on nearly any device.  The plugin community and those who maintain them such as really extend the functionality and make Kodi literally the ultimate streaming software.  If you pair the power of Kodi and addons with some solid cheap hardware like the Amazon Fire TV products you can quickly get unlimited access to movies and tv shows on every tv and device in your house.

You can see my post on how to install Kodi on the less than $40 Fire TV Stick here.

If you are a seasoned Kodi user most of this is not new, but as a many year 1Channel XBMC fan the add to library functionality has come a long way.  It is pure awesome.  Please let me know if you have any other tips and tricks for streaming media.  If this helped you, a shout out in the comments or quick share of this article in your social media circles would be outstanding.

Check out our blog for more guides like this one for the best game room additions available.



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