Installing the Frontend and Emulators

Below is good for background on HyperSpin and the different components however; we have updated a full how to tutorial here  ->>

Setup HyperSpin MAME and Hyperlaunch – The Full Guide


Old Guide below loves HyperSpin!

In short, HyperSpin is free software (although you should donate) that runs on Windows systems and will allow you to integrate all your emulators (game consoles) seamlessly into one single interface.

Let’s start by simply setting it up on your computer so you can get familiar.   I will show you here how to set it up along with a NES emulator.

Once you feel comfortable then go onto the next level blog and we will get your HyperSpin computer connected up to a control panel, then put in an arcade cabinet.

 Install HyperSpin on your computer

Now that we have HyperSpin extracted and upgraded out to C:\HyperSpin, lets start configuring and add an emulator to test a game.

Configure HyperSpin and Install NES Emulator

So from here we have HyperSpin where it can boot up a NES game in full screen and exit back by pressing the ESC key.

Add Wheel and Box Artwork

Take a break as we should celebrate this small victory.  You now know the basics on how to put HyperSpin together.

Move onto Step 2 where we will get a better understanding of how all this software works.  Frontend Structure