Deluxe Bartop 22″ Graphics Package

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$99.99 $79.99

  • High Quality No Bubble Vinyl
  • Laminated for durability
  • Back lit marquee film
  • Free PSD files included or Mix/Match Previous Customer Designs

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Want to add graphics to our deluxe bartop or have a 22″ bartop.

Included with purchase:

  • PSD Templates (you can modify to fit your 22″ or smaller bartop)
  • 2 sides pieces, control and button panels with textured laminate for ultimate durability, scratch resistant (no plex required)
  • Backlit marquee print (looks great with our without back lighting)

If you purchased your deluxe 22″ bartop from us, then templates will be perfect.  If you built on your own using or purchase elsewhere please double check that the dimensions below will fit.  Slightly smaller is ok as you can trim them down a bit if needed.  If not, then contact us prior to purchase with what you have.

Video Explanation and Installation

Check out the best cabinets on the web if you need one!

Don’t want to design yourself?  Check out our previous customer designs you can choose from or mix/match!


1 review for Deluxe Bartop 22″ Graphics Package

  1. Scott Lennox (verified owner)

    I browsed through the 300+ ready-to-print graphics packages on the GRS website and picked out a request, and even took the time to verify my exact cabinet design before printing so they would fit perfect. About three days later the graphics arrived. Print quality is amazing, maybe even better than you’d expect for commercial video game cabinets! Colors are vivid and consistent, no unwanted pixilation or strange artifacts. Just as their YouTube instructional video says, the vinyl is very thick and forgiving of bubbles, wrinkles, and misalignments (I have built several MAME cabinets, but this is my first time applying graphics to a finished arcade cab). My eight-year-old son helped put the side panels on, and the result is 100% flawless. I used masking tape to guide where the panels should fit, and dropped them into place, removing any bubbles/wrinkles using a dry washcloth. An X-acto knife is useful to cut off the excess vinyl that folds over the panel sides short of the t-molding slot. It’s that easy. I would say to make sure that you apply the graphics in an area that has no dust, pet hair, static charged surfaces, etc., and make sure each panel is free of any sawdust or debris to ensure a super-smooth surface. I’m sure my friends will be asking me to build them arcade cabinets once they see this masterpiece. THANKS!

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