Joystick and Button Bundle Kits


  • Includes: usb encoder and necessary wiring
  • Select your kit 1 or 2 players
  • Select your joystick type Zippy, LED, or Sanwa
  • Select your button type Non led Happ Style; LED Standard trim, LED chrome trim
  • Enter what colors you want for your buttons and joysticks

Enter Color Choices

Let us know what joystick and button color breakdown you would like. Available red, white, yellow, red, blue, green. In non led joysticks and buttons we also have black.

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Control Panel Bundles

Joysticks, Buttons, and Wiring for your Arcade Machine

USB Encoder and Wiring

How To Wire Up Your Control Panel Bundle

Your Choice of Buttons and Joystics

Additional information

Number of players

1 Player 10 buttons, 2 Player 20 buttons

Joystick Type

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Button Trim

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