Mini Virtual Pinball Cabinet

$319.99 $289.99

The Best on the Planet

For $289.99 you get delivered (Free Shipping)
-Black Melamine CNC cut cabinet including tmolding cuts, magnetic swing back door, hindge bottom door
-Cam lock and hinge system for easy assembly
-CNC control panel, playfield, and back box plexiglass
-Supports 27″ play field and a 18.5″ back box monitors


Add controls!

Add controls! Comes with USB encoder, required harnessing and USB cable, 10 buttons of your color and choice in trim (non led standard arcade, LED standard trim, or LED chrome trim).

Control Details

If you ordered controls for you mini virtual pinball cabinet, please tell us the button trim (non-led, chrome led, or standard led), button color breakdown, and any other notes. You can finalize this after you do your graphics as well.

Add Graphics

Orajet RapidAir vinyl (no air bubbles!) by Oracal for the easiest installation possible. Includes playfield/back box sides and control panel. You design/layout via provided pdf files and we will print them for you.


The Best Mini Virtual Pinball Cabinet on the Planet

Kit Includes

Cam Lock and Hinge System

All Necessary hardware for quick and easy assembly with just a screwdriver.

CNC Precision

Smooth Black Melamine Finish – No painting


Control panel, playfield, and back box

Pre-Slotted for T-molding

Ready for applicataion

Make Yours Even Better

Check out our addon packages

Pick or Design Your Own

Custom Layouts

Using Included Photoshop Files


USB encoder works with Windows, Linux, Mac, and Raspberry Pi

Control Bundle $44.99

All kits include 10 arcade buttons Choice of Non-led standard, LED, LED Chrome Trim 1 Player USB Encoder All Harnessing Your choice in colors – Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Black

Video Preview

Additional Items to Consider


30′ of 3/4″


We suggest 4″ speakers and a small amp or use computer speakers


27″ Playfield and 18.5″ Back box


A small format computer like mini-itx or microatx

3 reviews for Mini Virtual Pinball Cabinet

  1. David Roberson

    Is there only one previously created graphic for the Mini Virtual Pinball to choose from, Pinball Universe?

  2. shane lieberman

    Do you Ship to Montreal, Canada?

  3. Chris F.

    Has anyone used this box with BAM and Kinect head tracking?

    Seems like you can mount the Kinect at the top of the backglass. However, i was look for attempts with success or failures.


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