At we strive to deliver the best customer experience possible. If something is wrong it gets address and tracked through our full Zendesk service solution and customer support team. This includes easy to find phone numbers, email contact, and live chat. Every order we do, for the most part, is custom. From artwork to CNC cuts, controls, colors, tmolding etc. This allows great flexibility for our customers, as we can make solutions specific for their needs vs just doing 1 product the same way every time. Unfortunately things can happen and we work hard to get issues resolved as quickly as possible.

This post is so you can see both sides of a story and make up your own mind. We stuck to the succinct facts as we see them as well as all supporting documentation (PDF at bottom of this post). This post is not linked to the main site and all identifying information has been redacted, but nothing was edited.

We have a customer Patrick that says he had a bad experience. He is sure to tell everyone online everywhere he can, solicited or not.

Below is a picture of the cabinet in question that Patrick posted online later, after all the issues he says he encountered. He has since deleted the post which he has been known to do, but luckily we screenshotted it along with other posts he since deleted. Why would he delete the post? The full size “Hero” cabinet is on the left with the Neo Geo artwork.

Patrick ordered our cabinet kit and artwork package. He sourced all electronics, controls, etc. elsewhere. This is the 3rd product Patrick has purchased from us which we appreciate.

Online Patrick calls our company, our products, and support trash repeatedly. We wanted to share Patrick’s full experience within our ticketing system. Where it shows the full customer support and Tina’s responses, who he says is a “smartass” and provides “crap support”.

Our customer support team did 28 after-the-sale responses with Patrick through the ticket system, and even more on social media where he choose to interact with us in public.


  • Patrick order a cabinet, which is great!
  • We did a custom button CNC cut for him at no charge (4 high and 3 low as you see in the picture).
  • Patrick worked with our artwork team to get the artwork he wanted. Patrick approved the artwork.
  • Cabinet was shipped.

Receipt of Order

Patrick contacted support with the starting line of “I am livid”. This was on a Saturday morning outside of normal business hours.

  1. He had removed the laminated artwork for the monitor bezel because the monitor he sourced was a little different. He was upset because we apply the artwork and score out the center in our application process. Since he removed the bezel he could see the score in the plex.
  2. Six min later another ticket response from Patrick that the “graphic is coming off”.
  3. About 30 min later he sent another note adding that the tmolding was damaged.

Supporting pictures of the “graphics is coming off” issue that looks like someone dropped the panel, or slammed the top down on it, and the tmolding which looks like someone hit it with a hammer or another tool more than likely to align the cabinet top and bottom.

To Patrick’s credit, he acknowledges he was frustrated and said it is not looking as bad as he thought.

Patrick at the same time was making Reddit posts. We were corresponding with him live. In two different instances, he was getting community blow back so deleted those threads to start a new narrative. Those threads are still deleted, but we were able to screen shot a couple of the community responses.

The Response

Tina who he says provides “crap support”, contacted him on Sunday also outside of normal business hours. She asks for the model number of the monitor the customer sourced to research the bezel fitment issue. and offers to send a new size for the drop damage.

The Demand

Patrick decided he was entitled to a refund of $179.99 for the entire artwork for that small corner, refund for the “tmolding” undetermined, and a new piece of plex with bezel where he had chosen to peel it off before he contact us. He suggests this should not be an issue because “FedEx insures the first $100 of a package free”.

At, our policy is the fix issues so people get what they paid for, not to issue refunds for damage and call it even. We only issue refunds on returned merchandise.

Patrick then pointed out that the artwork for the control panel looks off center with the specific artwork he approved. In the ticket chain below you can see his approval. He later said that he approved it looking at it on his phone implying we were at fault.

Our artist lined up the specific artwork to match the controls, not the panel otherwise it wouldn’t have looked symmetrical.

At GameRoomSolutions we work to fit all types of controls sets including Servo Sticks that need lots of space to the left of the joystick. We have many customers use those joysticks.

The Resolution

We offered and did the following.

  1. Sent a new piece of plex with a new monitor bezel. We even went to Walmart and bought the specific monitor he sent so we could ensure perfect fitment.
  2. Sent updated side panel with artwork and tmolding applied. To ensure it lined up we actually sent the entire full top and bottom side reship.
  3. Do a fully custom cnc file for the control panel eliminating the Servo Stick cut so we could center the controls along with his artwork to the panel. This included both new wood and new plex.

This was several hundred dollars worth of work, parts, and shipping that put us in the red, but all we care about is delivering the best product we can on what someone purchased.

2nd Receipt of Reshipped Items

Patrick received the reshipped parts.

  1. He again had a mark in the tmolding that was very similar to the mark on the previous board we originally sent. This is not a standard marking we have ever seen before. It looks like to us that someone hit it with an old hammer or some other tool trying to get the unit in place as the marking was nearly the same.
  2. He sourced his own joysticks that are thicker than anyone we sell (happ or IL style sticks). We cut for those style of sticks and provide mounting hardware so you can blind mount all joysticks. This means no bolts on the top. To mount the joysticks we provide the inserts along with small screws for all joysticks we sell. Patrick needed to go get screws long enough to accommodate his sticks. It was unacceptable to him as he believes we should provide screws for joysticks we do not sell or provide.

Below is the picture he submitted of the tmolding that looks like someone used the same tool to hit it. Again this has not been a marking we have ever seen.

2nd Offer

We offered to send 12 feet of tmolding and to source the screws he needed.


At this point, Patrick asked for a return of the entire unit and wanted us to pay all return shipping etc. Tina informed him he could ship the unit back on his dime and we would refund, but we do not pay return shipping especially when we have already sent new replacement parts. Return policy is posted on the website.

Patrick ghosted us and from there posts defamatory statements any time someone says anything good or bad about our company.

Since Patrick continually choses to bash us in public with his one sided story, we wanted to post our side here so you can decide for yourself if we indeed did work to do the right thing with our customer.

BELOW IS THE ENTIRE AFTER THE SALE SUPPORT CORRESPONDENCE TICKETS WITH PATRICK. This is just so we can show the facts. It is a long read at 18 pages, where you can arrow up/down at the bottom left of the document, but is summarized above. I suggest you read Tina’s responses if you want to breeze through it and ask if Patrick is correct she does “crap support”. Tina starts responding to the issues on page 9.