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Home Theater – Fire TV/Stick Guide


If remote is not working upon first boot

  1. Make sure batteries are in remote correctly
  2. Reboot unit fully
  3. Hold home button on remote for 20/30 sec until it connects

Video walk through of how to operate

Arcade Setup Guides


Apply Artwork

Secure Components to Cabinet Parts

Assemble Cabinet

Arcade Cabinet Installation Picture Guide and Videos below

*If you ordered the standard cut wood cabinet without cam lock hardware.  Here is installation guide.

Step 1

  1. Apply artwork to all pieces – follow video guide
  2. You can apply tmolding to sides and control panel
  3. Lay down right side of cabinet on something that will not damage artwork
  4. Install cam locks and back door hinges

Step 2

  1. Mount monitors and speakers to associated boards
  2. Put on right side and secure cam locks

Step 3

  1. Install clip on control and button panel

Step 4

  1. You can use wiring video below and go ahead and wire joysticks/buttons if you like or do it later since the control panel hinges for access
  2. IMPORTANT – Plex
    • Ensure you put plexi glass on control and button panel before securing controls as the controls hold the plex
    • Make sure the plex is lined up where you want it before you start tightening down your buttons.
  3. Mount control and button panels to right side

Step 5

  1.  Mount bottom of cabinet and secure cams
    • Beveled edge goes toward the back and facing up
  2. Note:  It will make life easier if you go ahead and mount your usb encoder, raspberry pi, power strip, etc to the bottom piece before you install it

Step 6

  1. Secure back door to hinges
    • Keep screws a bit loose so you can adjust door
    • Ensure it closes without hitting top or bottom
    • Tighten screws

Step 7

  1. Insert monitor plex

Step 8

  1. Prep left side by screwing in cam screws
  2. Mount left side to cabinet
    • Ensure monitor plex is properly in slot
  3. Tighten down via cam screws


  1. Your cabinet assembly is now complete!
  2.  If you followed guides below you should be able to carefully raise the cabinet upright, turn on, and play



  1. How to layout and photoshop your graphics using our templates
  2. How to apply your artwork
  3. How to apply a bezel to hide your monitor



  1. Wire/test your control panel
  2. Light the marquee
  3. Wire your speakers
  4. Add USB ports
  5. Power your buttons
  6. How to wire a power switch
  7. Modify your monitor mount (if needed)



  1. Deluxe/Weecade Revision 2 Preview with hinged back door and control panel
  2. How to Assemble – Might follow picture guide at start of section
  3. How to apply tmolding

Raspberry Pi configuration

Video walk through to the right and blog setup below

Virtual Pinball Cabinet

*Instruction files can be found here Virtual Pinball Cabinet Instructions

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