Arcade Cabinet Kit

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The Best Arcade Cabinet Kit on the Planet

Kit Includes

Cam Lock System

All Necessary hardware for quick and easy assembly with just a screwdriver.

CNC Precision

Smooth Black or White Melamine Finish – No painting

Black Marquee Holders

Plastic L brackets to hold your marquee in place


Marquee, Control/Button Panel, Monitor

40' of 3/4" Tmolding

Ready for application

Choose Your Control Panel

Choose from 3 options or contact us if you need custom work.

Outstanding Accessibility

Make Yours Even Better

Check out our addon packages

Pick or Design Your Own

Custom Layouts

Using Included Photoshop Files


USB encoder works with Windows, Linux, Mac, and Raspberry Pi


If you plan to use a Raspberry Pi our provided image that will work out of the box with our control kits!

Control Bundle Starting at $59.99

All kits include 2 joysticks 20 arcade buttons Choice of Non-led standard, LED, LED Chrome Trim 2 Player USB Encoder All Harnessing Your choice in colors – Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Black The only difference in the control kit prices are the joysticks Sanwa = Name Brand ($89.99) LED = LED Joystick ($74.99) Zippyy = Generic Brand of Sanwa ($59.99)

Additional Items to Consider


We suggest 6″ speakers and a small amp or use computer speakers


Sky is the limit.


Fits 32″ widescreen monitor/TV.  Up to 30″ wide

More In-Depth Description Below

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Arcade Cabinet Kit for 32″ Monitor


The goal of this arcade cabinet kit is have everything you need to assemble.  No hidden costs $, heavy/special tools, glue, screws, painting, routing, cut plexiglass, or multiple expensive trips to Home Depot are required.  A quick craigslist arcade search in your area and you will see the pitiful game room additions you can get for this price.  And yes, those only play the one game.  There is only one way to get one of these, they have to be hand made or your have to “know a guy” and he won’t come cheap.  Create something truly unique and awesome.  Don’t worry, we have all the guides on our site on connecting everything up along with configuring the software to play games or support is a quick email away  If you can do Ikea style, you can easily do this.

Arcade Cabinet Kit Cabinet Features:

  • Wider cabinet to accommodate up to a 32″ wide screen monitor (Vesa ready)
  • Cabinet made out of black or white melamine for no painting or easier application for vinyl graphics
  • Cam lock system for quick and easy assembly (this is huge, trust me)
  • Pre-slotted for arcade t-molding (yep, you do not need a router)
  • Under-mounted routing for joysticks so they stand taller (great for sanwa joysticks)
  • Different variations of control panel options to meet your needs
  • Includes plexiglass for control panels (1 or 2 player), marquee, and Monitor (otherwise you would have to lay plex over the boards and try to route/trace it out, ugh)
  • Black plastic L to hold the marquee
  • Photoshop template so you can layout your own graphics for printing
  • And more

Add High QualityGraphics:

  • Photoshop files included for side art, marquee, control panel, and button panel
  • Send us your graphics and we will print on high quality adhesive vinyl
  • We laminate the control panel graphics for extra protection
  • The marquee is printed on back-lit translight material if you want to add a light

You can also add our high quality control panel components:

The 2 player upgrade contains:

  • 2 player USB Xin-Mo Controller Board to connect all the buttons to your pc
    • 6′ USB Cable
    • Button Ground Wire Daisy Chain Connector harness
    • Button Component Connectors harness
    • USB powered
    • Supports 2 joysticks and 22 total buttons
    • Windows, Linux, Mac, PS2, and Rpi compatible
  • 2 Zippyy (solid generic brand), LED,  or Sanwa (name brand) joysticks (4 or 8 way compatible)
    • Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Black, or Green
    • You will not need to route for undermount
  • 22 Standard Arcade Non-led, LED Chrome, or LED Standard trim illuminated Buttons
    • Includes button, microswitch, and nut
    • LED buttons include above along with led lamp holder and led colored light
    • Please enter the colors you would like for the buttons upon ordering.

Bonus if you order the LED buttons you will get our:

  • custom LED Molex 12v Connector and Daisy Chain Harness
    • 30 .250 Positive and Negative connectors
    • Easily connect to your computer power supply via included standard molex connector to illuminate buttons
    • This will make you life 100% easier then trying to rig up a harness
Button Trim
Standard LED Trimled-blue-puh-button
Chrome Trimchrome-push-button-blue
 Standard non LED arcade buttons1-player-standard-button close up
Colors available for Joysticks and Buttons







What this arcade cabinet kit does not include

  • Monitor
  • Pc or Raspberry Pi (we suggest raspberry pi 3)  or there is plenty of room for a micro atx board or smaller to fit for a full HyperSpin or Windows experience.
  • 6″ Speakers/Small amp or computer speakers

Why Buy from

We are the experts in making the ultimate arcade machines.
We are passionate about your project and our arcade cabinet kit
Have questions?  Let us help and drop us a line
Not what you were looking for???  Send us a note and we will customize and discount a kit specifically for your needs!
We provide links to our easy setup guides with every purchase
We love the frontend HyperSpin and/or EmulationStation with all the most popular emulators such as MAME.
Our custom molex LED harness will make setup tremendously quick with low frustration Video Demonstration setup of our LED Buttons


Our Experience Shows

We know how to help you build the baddest machine on the planet, let us help you


USA Seller!  Located in the central United States so priority shipping is possible to most locations.  


Thank you for the quick response. I am very happy with the service and your products. I am spreading your website to my friends on a site I belong to.

Forrest F

Awesome, arrived soo fast got exactly what I ordered!


Product came quick and now I can start on making my own personal arcade! Thanks!


GRS Full Size Arcade Cabinet

10 reviews for Arcade Cabinet Kit

  1. Casey Gaul (verified owner)

    Such an amazing product!! Ryan was super helpful and quick in getting back to me with any questions I had related to the cabinet. I had been dying to build an arcade for quite some time but never could find exactly what I wanted. When I found GRS, it offered the best customization offers I have ever seen. I’m ready to buy a second one!

  2. Tomer Verona (verified owner)

    Wow! I’m very impressed with the kit and love how the cabinet has turned out. This is my first full-size cabinet. I’ve been looking to build a 32″ cabinet but was not interested to spend the many hours of planning / woodworking. The kit is exactly what I had been looking for. The price is great and it came well-packaged. The material is high quality and fits together seamlessly. It is quite easy to put together – if you can assemble an IKEA furniture, then you can put this together. Ryan from has been very responsive with any questions as well helped me with the graphics layout.

  3. David OBrien

    Dimensions of this unit?

    It is 70″ high 31.5 W and 30 D

  4. Charles Smalls (verified owner)

    Got the 32″ cabinet. Awesome product, awesome quality. Great communication. Couldn’t be any happier. Directions aren’t the best though, but it’s still manageable. Next is the pinball unit. Thanks for everything!

  5. Mark danzy (verified owner)

    I ordered the 32″ cabinet it a great product I asked a hundred questions and got a hundred and one answers great communication Ryan is great and very helpful the best quality product on the market

  6. Roger Dwyer (verified owner)

    This machine will bring those vintage game moments of your life, back in glorious splendor.

  7. Steve Wright

    Very happy with my purchase, fast shipping, straightforward build and installation after watching the various videos and a couple of emails that were answered promptly .

    No printed instructions but the videos were very easy to follow and there was nothing overly complicated.

    If I had one criticism it would be that the wiring harnesses included for the buttons to the controller board were a bit too short to accommodate clean mounting, but it was easy enough to splice in some length, and if you’re not a total cable management freak you probably won’t mind at all.

    In summary, a very sturdy, professionally built cabinet that would be an amazing addition to any man cave or rev room, at a very reasonable price.

  8. Jonathan

    Amazing product, the quality is outstanding! I ordered from Canada, no damage, everything was perfect!

    The support is outstanding and professional with Ryan!

    I really recommend this product for the quality, the price and the support!

  9. Michael McPheeters (verified owner)

    Highly recommend this product! If you are looking to build your own full sized arcade cabinet, this is the one. Very easy construction, very sturdy and durable. Extremely well packaged for shipping. I absolutely love my new full sized arcade cabinet, just what I’ve been wanting for many years. Now, I have it. Great videos to help you with construction, and Ryan was amazing with answering questions to help with everything! 32 inch screen for gameplay is amazing!

  10. Tim Sneath (verified owner)

    Have been very happy with this. I was looking for a kit that provided plenty of opportunity for customization, but didn’t require me to be a master carpenter. My thirteen year-old son and I gradually assembled this over the last few weeks as our “COVID project”, with the help of the various online videos from Ryan, and the end result is amazing. We had great fun designing our own custom graphics using the built-in templates, and assembly went smoothly. One piece of plex came cracked, but they sent out a replacement promptly.

    I’m comfortable to recommend the company and the product to others (and I’m sure some of my friends will be asking!)

  11. Miles (verified owner)

    I bought this a kit from Ryan a couple of years ago. I really enjoy this all in one package Ryan has put together. It is holding up so well I felt compelled to write a review now. First off Ryan is very responsive and helpful. Chances are if you’re getting stuck on some aspect of putting this together he has a video to help. The materials, the fit, the finish, are all great. Everything went together as it should. Everything worked.

    I did have a problem with a piece that was damaged and Ryan took care of it very quickly. I mean as customers this is what you’re looking for – When a transaction is perfect that’s an easy review. The real test is when something doesn’t go 100% perfect. Now what? In my experience Ryan couldn’t have been more helpful.

    I really enjoyed putting this together. If you’re looking for a project I recommend this one. Do yourself a favor, unless you;re really into additional hassles just get the full kit. I tried piecing some of my own parts out and in most cases just ended up remaking what Ryan already had laid out.

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