Arcade Control Panel Hardware and Software

Let’s start by getting your controller hardware connected up and functional.  We will integrate your control panel into the frontend and emulators in the next section.

Control Panel Hardware

You can purchase this exact hardware in our Control Panel Bundles section of the store in many colors.  As mentioned earlier the different component parts of a control panel are the following.

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Supplied with the USB Interface boards are the connecting cables.

Do not get overwhelmed!
We will walk you through each step!

There are two sets of cables to get the buttons and joysticks connected to the usb interface board.

  1. The connector wires
  2. The ground daisy chain

The Connect Wires

These are wires that connect to each button or joystick individually depending on what functionality you want for this button.

Insert Picture of button wired close up

Here are typical street fighter and street fighter/mortal kombat hybrid configurations using our 2 player arcade bundle.

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Ground Wire

Simply connect each button ground using the chain cable then connect to a “ground” connector on the usb interface board.

Insert Picture of daisy chain ground wire

Light em up if you got them

If you purchased LED buttons first connect them for functionality using the exact method above.  After they are plugged into the usb interface board then lets connect power.

Our GameRoomSolutions custom power harness that is included with the control panel bundle makes this easy with no need to splice wires, etc.  You simply connect the positive red and negative black to the led connections on the button.  Then just plug the harness via molex connector into your pc power supply.

Insert picture of led harness and button connections

Confirm the hardware is recognized by Windows.

  1. Plug the provided USB cable into your pc
  2. Go to Control Panel
  3. Devices and Printer
  4. Select Game Pad
  5. You should see your player 1 and 2 game pads
  6. You can select each and test

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Now that our control panel is connected up and talking to Windows, lets get the frontend and emulators utilizing it.  Control Panel Frontend and Emulator Integration