Mid-Size Virtual Pinball Cabinet


$299.99 you get delivered our 27″ Virtual Pinball Cabinet Kit
Shipping included in Continental US and discounted international shipping
-Black (default) or White Melamine CNC cut cabinet
-All Assembly hardware include full cam lock system for fast installation
-CNC pre cut play field and back box plexiglass
-30′ of 3/4″ tmolding (choose you color)
-Fits up to 27″ play field monitors up to 16″ portrait wide
-Fits up to 19″ back glass monitors up to 18″ landscape wide
-Supports standard Williams legs and brackets, see additional items to consider section at bottom of page
*See cut options diagram in product description below


Add high quality graphics to your kit. You can use provided psd files to design your own or choose from previous customer designs. Full wrap includes pre-installed play field sides, back box sides, front panel, lock down panel play field bezel, and back box bezel.

Control Kit

Includes 9 buttons, usb encoder, wiring. Choose between non led or led trim buttons.

Tmolding – Pre-installed

Have us install the tmolding for the price of the proper mallet.

The Best VPIN Cabinet Kit on the Planet

Kit Includes

Cam Lock System

All Necessary hardware for quick and easy assembly with just a screwdriver.

30' of 3/4" Tmolding

Ready for application


Cabinet that supports a 27″ play field monitor up to 16″ wide portrait and 19″ back box monitor up to 18″ landscape wide.


Playfield and backglass plex

Extreme Access

Back and bottom access

Many Cut Options

Make Yours Even Better

Check out our addon packages

Pick or Design Your Own

Custom Layouts

Using Included Photoshop Files


USB encoder works with Windows, Linux, Mac, and Raspberry Pi

Control Bundle $24.99

Includes usb encoder, wiring, and 9 buttons of your color and trim (non led or led standard) choice.

Additional Items to Consider


We suggest 4″ speakers and a small amp or use computer speakers


Sky is the limit.

Suggested Monitors on Amazon

Legs and leg parts

4 – Brackets Needed for any color legs

4 Legs or 1 set
8 Bolts
4 Legs or 1 set
8 Bolts


More In-Depth Description Below

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Mid Size Virtual Pinball Cabinet Kit for 27″ Monitor


The goal of this arcade cabinet kit is have everything you need to assemble.  No hidden costs $, heavy/special tools, glue, screws, painting, routing, cut plexi glass, or multiple expensive trips to Home Depot are required.  A quick craigslist arcade search in your area and you will see the pitiful game room additions you can get for this price.  And yes, those only play the one game.  There is only one way to get one of these, they have to be hand made or your have to “know a guy” and he won’t come cheap.  Create something truly unique and awesome.  Don’t worry, we have all the guides on our site on connecting everything up along with configuring the software to play games or support is a quick email away info@gameroomsolutions.com.  If you can do Ikea style, you can easily do this.

Table Top Virtual Pinball Cabinet Kit Features:

  • Wider cabinet to accommodate up to a 27″ play field and 19″ back box (Vesa ready)
  • Cabinet made out of black or white melamine for no painting or easier application for vinyl graphics
  • Cam lock system for quick and easy assembly (this is huge, trust me)
  • Pre-slotted for arcade t-molding (yep, you do not need a router)
  • Includes plexiglass and tmolding
  • Photoshop template so you can layout your own graphics for printing
  • And more

Add High QualityGraphics:

  • Photoshop files included for side art, front panel, and back box
  • Send us your graphics and we will print on high quality adhesive vinyl and laminate

You can also add our high quality control panel components:

The Control Kit Upgrade Includes

  • 1 player USB usb Controller Board to connect all the buttons to your pc
    • 6′ USB Cable
    • Button Ground Wire Daisy Chain Connector harness
    • Button Component Connectors harness
    • USB powered
    • Windows, Linux, Mac, PS2, and Rpi compatible
  • 9 Standard Arcade Non-led or LED Standard trim illuminated Buttons
    • Includes button, microswitch, and nut
    • LED buttons include above along with led lamp holder and led colored light
    • Please enter the colors you would like for the buttons upon ordering.

Bonus if you order the LED buttons you will get our:

  • GameRoomSolutions.com custom LED Molex 12v Connector and Daisy Chain Harness
    • 30 .250 Positive and Negative connectors
    • Easily connect to your computer power supply via included standard molex connector to illuminate buttons
    • This will make you life 100% easier then trying to rig up a harness
Button Trim
Standard LED Trimled-blue-puh-button
 Standard non LED arcade buttons1-player-standard-button close up


What this arcade cabinet kit does not include

  • Monitor
  • Pc
  • 4″ Speakers/Small amp or computer speakers

Why Buy from GameRoomSolutions.com?

We are the experts in making the ultimate arcade machines.
We are passionate about your project and our arcade cabinet kit
Have questions?  Let us help and drop us a line
Not what you were looking for???  Send us a note and we will customize and discount a kit specifically for your needs!
We provide links to our easy setup guides with every purchase
We love the frontend HyperSpin and/or EmulationStation with all the most popular emulators such as MAME.
Our custom molex LED harness will make setup tremendously quick with low frustration
GameRoomSolutions.com Video Demonstration setup of our LED Buttons


Our Experience Shows

We know how to help you build the baddest machine on the planet, let us help you


USA Seller!  Located in the central United States so priority shipping is possible to most locations.  

27" Virtual Pinball Cabinet Kit

Additional information

Cabinet Color

Black, White

Tmolding Color

Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Chrome, Pink, Will Decide Later

Speaker Panel Cut

No Cut, 7" DMD

Digital Plunger Cut

No, Yes

USB Front Cut

No, Yes

Lock Down Cut

No Cut, Cut for 1 Joystick and 3 buttons