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Shipping included in Continental US and discounted international shipping
-Everything is done in house and typically ships within 2 business days of you selecting or approving artwork if purchased
-Black Melamine CNC cut cabinet
-All Assembly hardware include full cam lock system for fast installation
-tmolding (choose your color)
-Plexiglass protective cover
-Pick Your Cuts

The Most Versatile Control Panel Kit

Kit Includes

Cam Lock System

All Necessary hardware for quick and easy assembly with just a screwdriver.


Ready for application
Choose your color


2 or 4 player panel


Plex cover customized to your panel

Extreme Access

Hinged top for each access

Pick Your Cuts


Cabinet Integration Support

Integrates with our Mid-Size Pedestal or 27″ Monitor Sized Cabinet

Make Yours Even Better

Check out our addon packages

Pick or Design Your Own

Custom Layouts

Using Included Photoshop Files

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2 or 4 Player Arcade Control Panel Kit


The goal of this arcade cabinet kit is have everything you need to assemble.  No hidden costs $, heavy/special tools, glue, screws, painting, routing, cut plexiglass, or multiple expensive trips to Home Depot are required.  A quick craigslist arcade search in your area and you will see the pitiful game room additions you can get for this price.  And yes, those only play the one game.  There is only one way to get one of these, they have to be hand made or your have to “know a guy” and he won’t come cheap.  Create something truly unique and awesome.  Don’t worry, we have all the guides on our site on connecting everything up along with configuring the software to play games or support is a quick email away  If you can do Ikea style, you can easily do this.

2 or 4 Player Arcade Control Panel Kit:

  • Cabinet made out of black melamine for no painting or easier application for vinyl graphics
  • Cam lock system for quick and easy assembly 
  • Hinged Top
  • Pre-slotted for arcade t-molding
  • Includes plexiglass and tmolding
  • Photoshop template so you can layout your own graphics for printing if graphics are purchased
  • And more

Add High Quality Graphics:

  • Send us your graphic choices and we will print on high quality adhesive vinyl and laminate

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