Bartop Arcade Kit Deluxe

(58 customer reviews)


The Best Bartop Arcade on the Planet

Kit Includes

Cam Lock System

All Necessary hardware for quick and easy assembly with just a screwdriver.

CNC Precision

Smooth Black or White Melamine Finish – No painting


Marquee, Control/Button Panel, Monitor

Pre-Slotted for T-molding

Ready for application

Make Yours Even Better

Check out our addon packages

Pick or Design Your Own

Custom Layouts

Using Included Photoshop Files


USB encoder works with Windows, Linux, Mac, and Raspberry Pi


If you plan to use a Raspberry Pi our provided config files that will work out of the box with our control kits!

Control Bundle $59.99

All kits include 2 joysticks 20 arcade buttons Choice of Non-led standard, LED, LED Chrome Trim 2 Player USB Encoder All Harnessing Your choice in colors – Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White, Black The only difference in the control kit prices are the joysticks Sanwa = Name Brand ($89.99) LED = LED Joystick ($74.99) Zippyy = Generic Brand of Sanwa ($59.99)

Top Reviewers!

Additional Items to Consider


A small format computer like a micro-atx, mini-itx or Raspberry Pi.


We suggest 4″ speakers and a small amp or use computer speakers


Fits 22″ widescreen monitor.  Up to approx 20.4″ wide and 12.5″ tall

More In-Depth Description Below

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Bartop Arcade Kit Deluxe

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Video Instructions


The goal of this bartop arcade kit is have everything you need to assemble.  No hidden costs $, heavy/special tools, glue, screws, painting, routing, cut plexiglass, or multiple expensive trips to Home Depot are required.  A quick craigslist arcade search in your area and you will see the pitiful game room additions you can get at that price.  And yes, those only play the one game.  There is only one way to get one of these, they have to be hand made or your have to “know a guy” and he won’t come cheap.  Create something truly unique and awesome.  Don’t worry, we have all the guides on our site on connecting everything up along with configuring the software to play games or support is a quick email away  If you can do Ikea style, you can easily do this.

Bartop Arcade Kit Cabinet Features:

  • Wider cabinet to accommodate up to a 22″ wide screen monitor (Vesa ready)
  • Cabinet made out of black melamine for no painting or easier application for vinyl graphics
  • Cam lock system for quick and easy assembly (this is huge, trust me)
  • Pre-slotted for arcade t-molding (yep, you do not need a router)
  • 20 pre-cut button holes
  • Under-mounted routing for joysticks so they stand taller (great for sanwa joysticks)
  • 2 player control panel boards included
  • Includes plexiglass for control panels, marquee, and Monitor
  • Photoshop template so you can layout your own graphics for printing
  • And more

Add High Quality Easy to Apply Graphics:

  • Photoshop files included for side art, marquee, control panel, and button panel
  • Send us your graphics and we will print on high quality adhesive vinyl
  • We can laminate the control panel graphics for extra protection
  • The marquee is printed on back-lit translight material if you want to add a light
  • Let our team lay them out for you

You can also add our high quality control panel components:

The 2 player upgrade contains:

  • 2 player USB Xin-Mo Controller Board to connect all the buttons to your pc
    • 6′ USB Cable
    • Button Ground Wire Daisy Chain Connector harness
    • Button Component Connectors harness
    • USB powered
    • Supports 2 joysticks and 22 total buttons
    • Windows, Linux, Mac, PS2, and Rpi compatible
  • 2 Zippyy (solid generic brand), LED,  or Sanwa (name brand) joysticks (4 or 8 way compatible)
    • Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, White, Black, or Green
    • You will not need to route for undermount
  • 20 Standard Arcade Non-led, LED Chrome, or LED Standard trim illuminated Buttons
    • Includes button, microswitch, and nut
    • LED buttons include above along with led lamp holder and led colored light
    • Please enter the colors you would like for the buttons upon ordering.

Bonus if you order the LED buttons you will get our:

  • custom LED Molex 12v Connector and Daisy Chain Harness
    • 30 .250 Positive and Negative connectors
    • Easily connect to your computer power supply via included standard molex connector to illuminate buttons
    • This will make you life 100% easier then trying to rig up a harness
Button Trim
Standard LED Trimled-blue-puh-button
Chrome Trimchrome-push-button-blue
 Standard non LED arcade buttons1-player-standard-button close up
Colors available for Joysticks and Buttons







What this bartop arcade kit does not include

  • Monitor
  • Pc or Raspberry Pi (we suggest raspberry pi 3)  or there is plenty of room for a micro atx board or smaller to fit for a full HyperSpin or Windows experience.
  • 4″ Speakers/Small amp or computer speakers

Why Buy from

We are the experts in making the ultimate arcade machines.
We are passionate about your project and our bartop arcade kit
Have questions?  Let us help and drop us a line
Not what you were looking for???  Send us a note and we will customize and discount a kit specifically for your needs!
We provide links to our easy setup guides with every purchase
We love the frontend HyperSpin and/or EmulationStation with all the most popular emulators such as MAME.
Our custom molex LED harness will make setup tremendously quick with low frustration Video Demonstration setup of our LED Buttons


Our Experience Shows

We know how to build the baddest machines on the planet, let us help you


USA Seller!  Located in the central United States so priority shipping is possible to most locations.  


Thank you for the quick response. I am very happy with the service and your products. I am spreading your website to my friends on a site I belong to.

Forrest F

Awesome, arrived soo fast got exactly what I ordered!


Product came quick and now I can start on making my own personal arcade! Thanks!


GRS Bartop Deluxe Cabinet

58 reviews for Bartop Arcade Kit Deluxe

  1. ronnie (verified owner)

    Great product. Easily assembled! Will be buying more in the future. One tip though….. try to catch fedex before they just drop the package and damage it. Despite the package being well packed and clearly marked fragile do not drop, fedex still dropped mine over my patio fence…. watched the delivery lady do it from my window… Some small damage occurred…. Not all delivery drivers are so careless but I just wanted to warn ya. Regardless of this my bartop still turned out great.

  2. Nick Willi (verified owner)

    This was a terrific product. The build I ordered with Wreck-It Ralph graphics turned out great. I had never tried a project like this before but the tutorials and videos helped me put the kit together perfectly. GameRoomSolutions was very helpful with my questions during the build. My family is impressed first, by such a cool arcade system and second, that I was able to put the kit together to come out so well.

  3. Ben (verified owner)

    Super easy to assemble. Really well designed and thought out kit. Excellent instructions available online videos. Plug and play. Ryan is great to deal with.

  4. James Muggeridge

    AMAZING.. just received the 2 player deluxe with Sanwa joysticks and LED buttons.. and no kidding this is the BEST. Everything is included even the offset screwdriver.Been looking at so many different types of bartop DIY kits.. this blows every other one out of the water.Outstanding quality excellent price ease of build and no fuss customer service .

  5. Michael Kaplan (verified owner)

    5 STARS!!! Great Kit. Even for beginners. My 9 year old son and I were able to build it from the kit in less than a week spending only 2 hours per day. (I am a complete klutz and generally not handy!!). The final product came out amazing – looks as good as a professionally made one but knowing that you put it together yourself means so much more. It’s a great weekend or summer project to do with your kids. I would highly recommend to anyone who enjoys playing classic video games from the 70s, 80s, 90s!”

  6. salam.semaan

    I received my Unit a few days after ordering and everything that you need is included. Ryan answered all of my questions and he was very helpful. Something’s that I had issues with were that the t molding for the controller board was cut on the wrong side and some of the colors weren’t the same on the led buttons, but I was able to exchange it easily. it was very easy to assemble even for someone with no electrical skills.

  7. Anthony Camera

    I was very impressed with what I received. Ordered my kit and received it significantly faster than I expected. Everything was included exactly as described. Setup is quick and easy – Ryan provides videos on his youtube channel which are detailed and thorough. Each step is explained so that even a novice can understand what each part does. If you’re having issues with setup, Ryan is also quick to answer emails, usually replying in under an hour. The final product looks absolutely gorgeous; the plexiglass in particular lends the kit a very professional appearance. I’ve gotta say, the overall quality of the items I received, including the buttons, joysticks, and graphics, all exceeded my expectations. Absolutely terrific purchase.

  8. David Ordiway (verified owner)

    This is the best kit around. Everything was very easy to assemble, and the cam lock system was truly the best design I have worked with for bartop kits. The graphics kit was very high quality. The only small nuance is that my LED buttons were 12V, and the LED joysticks were 5V, which was not specified. An easy thing to incorporate in to my arcade though, so no biggie. I love it!!!!

  9. Chris (verified owner)

    This is an amazing kit. It went together without problem and is as solid as a rock. The controls feel amazing, and the overall layout is pretty much perfect. Playing the classics on a real cabinet takes the whole experience to a completely new level, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

    Ryan was an absolute pleasure to work with, and the instructional videos made the whole thing a very straightforward process. I knew what to do before it showed up, and then just followed along while watching the videos again. It couldn’t be easier. It took me 2 nights to put the whole thing together – control panel (buttons, etc) one night, and then everything else the next.

    I couldn’t recommend this more. A fantastic kit and well worth the money and massive amount of time saved.

  10. Harry (verified owner)

    I used to own a bunch of stand up machines. I bought and sold them, fixed them up, swapped out motherboards and monitors, all that stuff. I sold off the last full size machine around 2005. But, and you knew this was coming, the itch still remains. I still wanted another try at the chef’s nightmare that is Burger Time and the accursed highwaymen on Bump ‘n Jump.

    This kit, plus a few parts, made it all come true, and a LOT more. All the classics I wanted, with a perfectly aligned and balanced two player setup. Flawless arcade components. Heavy duty construction (for when you just have to smack your hand against the side). I bought one with the graphics already installed because I’m lazy like that. All told, a couple of hours screwing some stuff together, and now I expect years and years of fun.

    Recommended: buy some PCB feet. Buy a cheap pair of speakers and a small amp to drive them. Order some T-molding when you order the kit so you don’t go crazy waiting for it to arrive so you can finish the assembly. Use a Raspberry Pi 3 and the OS image that Ryan provides. Be prepared to toy around with it a bit (I installed all the Atari 2600 games I used to own, in addition to the others).

    Lay in a good supply of beer and pretzels, because your friends will never want to leave.

  11. Henry (verified owner)

    This kit is absolutely fantastic. I have no experience with electronics, programming (I used a RaspberryPi3) or assembling a project of this nature, but the instructional videos made it incredibly straightforward. The end result is nothing short of impressive – I am glad that I chose to add graphics and have them applied for me so I didn’t have to mess with it, and it really does look great.

    Ryan always replied to my emails quickly – even on the weekends – to answer all of my questions. All in all it only took me 3 or 4 nights after work to assemble. It is a blast to play old games with friends and family! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to have their own personal arcade.

  12. janka9 (verified owner)

    Very impressed with the quality, cost and the ease of installation! There are no compromises and no shortcuts on the build quality, which is great when considering that I wanted this to be the main center of attention in my man-cave. The staff was extremely helpful and the specs fit just as GRS advertised. The decals went on easy, even-though I had to remove them a few times to center them correctly. In the end it looks great! I will note that there needs to be better instructions and videos for installation however, if you are building this… than you probably already know how to put things together and figure out the rest.

  13. Warren

    Sure, most folks can build this from scratch, but most folks like myself don’t have the tools and time to put this all together. GRS saved me the trouble and made it all happen with an inexpensive solution! I am overall pleased with my purchase!

    Although I ran into a few hiccups in the build process specifically with the USB controller board and a button not working, Ryan @ GRS was quick to rectify the problem. I highly recommend anyone that is interested in owning a personal arcade cabinet to purchase from GRS! Ryan is responsive, trustworthy, and extremely helpful (instructional videos on YouTube)!

    Thank you Ryan and GRS for making it possible for me to relive my childhood and fulfilling my dream in owning an arcade at home! I am pleased with the overall quality, ease of installation, and most of all the exceptional customer service! Keep up the good work and I look forward to seeing your future products!

  14. Mike (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best,kids love it.was really easy putting it together,graphics are stunning.would recommend to friends.

  15. Brent (verified owner)

    I had been looking at buying my own bartop arcade for quite a while before pulling the trigger and ordering from Game Room Solutions. I had pondered ordering one built and pre-programmed but they were too expensive. I was hesitant about building my own from scratch and upon searching on YouTube for some plans on how to build my own I ran into a video of Ryan assembling the Bartop Arcade Kit Deluxe and immediately got excited. The machine has been built for about a week now and I can’t say enough good things about the product and the service you receive.
    When I received the package I was absolutely shocked at how perfect and professional the kit had been packaged. It looked like a piece of furniture you would buy from a big box store. I unpacked everything and got to work instantly. The most tedious part of the build is getting the buttons installed and wired up correctly. Ryan’s YouTube video does an amazing job of leading you step by step through the process and I am happy to report that I had everything up and running on the control panel in just under an hour or so. I had watched the video of the assembly of the cabinet a few times and everything went together seamlessly. I loved being able to build this from the ground up and honestly wish I would have taken more time to enjoy the build process. This unit is very well constructed and built to last for a long time. The hinged door on the back is a lifesaver and very well designed.
    I could not be happier with my purchase. My son and I have spent every night playing games on the arcade since it has been finished and everyone who has seen it has asked where they can get one. I highly recommend this kit and can’t say enough good things about Ryan. He is very quick to answer your e-mails and the video tutorials on YouTube answered any questions I had during the build. 5/5 stars for sure!

  16. Luong

    I’ve been looking around for a bartop arcade for a long time. Nothing comes close to GRS. Once I put in my order, it arrived in record time, very fast shipping and I’m in Canada. When it arrived I was shocked to see how professionaly it was packed, nothing was loose or shaking around. The build quality is amazing. Every piece is professionally CNC machined. Ryan was great to deal with, he answered all my questions and promptly replied to all my emails, great customer service. I highly recommend them.

  17. Eric

    Your product is really well made and high quality. Fast shipping, great communication. I’m very happy thanks!

  18. Brock (verified owner)

    Ryan was great to work with and was quick to answer any questions I had! I have my custom 2 Player Arcade Cabinet in my cubicle at work and it is a blast to turn around and play. Thanks GRS! One more bucket list item checked off!

  19. David P

    My son and I were going to build one ourselves and then I came across this website with the deluxe barcade kit. It was exactly what we were looking for! Upon ordering we had so many choices to make, artwork, colors for buttons, joystick. Did a lot of reading to find something we would like. Once all was decided, Ryan was super fast in sending it out. There was an issue with the shipment, however Ryan was super responsive and quick to resolve. You have nothing to worry about, this is a high quality business with a great package. I am sure our friends will want their own once they see ours. Thanks again for everything!

  20. Cory Peterson

    So I got a pi 3 and decided I wanted to build an acrcade cabinet. I searched for days trying to find the best deal where I would get EVERYTHING I needed m. I didn’t want to have to run to the store 20 times during the build. I came across Game room solutions and really liked their product. I pulled the trigger and I have to say I am very impressed. The cabinet went together in no time and the build quality is great. Everything needed was in the box and looked amazing once completed. Hope I can do business in the future (may need to add on to house first)!!!

  21. yoann

    Thank you very much Ryan for your product and all your help.
    I am been very pleased with the product. During the install it turned out that one joystick was acting weird and few pushbuttons/light bulbs were faulty. After letting Ryan know, he sent me replacement right away.
    It was very nice to use the pre made image of the Rasberry Pi3. I didn’t had the time to really setup everything and this was plug and play.
    Thanks again for everything

  22. Randall (verified owner)

    Great Bartop Arcade Deluxe Kit. I had Gameroomsolutions install the graphics for me as well which really made assembling the cabinet a breeze! Ryan was very helpful in answering my questions and helped get a couple of missing pieces to me very quickly. This is the second bartop arcade cabinet I have put together with the first doing all the woodwork myself. I can definitely say that this kit is a time saver and well worth the money/investment!

  23. Bronson Smith (verified owner)

    Grest produxt! This cabinet was easy to put together and I love the fact that you can either customize your own artwork or choose from what others have done in the past. Everything worked as expected. Note: put on your vinyl edging before putting the buttons together. I put the buttons together and did the edging last. Using a rubber mallet, I ended up loosened the button components from the vibration and had to take some of the cabinet apart again. Other than that, this cabinet has been a huge hit during 2 Retro Game Night parties. 7,000+ classic games and the ability to add more! Can’t go wrong with that.

  24. yoantny (verified owner)

    I ordered and could not believe how quickly it arrived. The items were packaged well and shipping was quick and easy. The graphics looked great. Ryan at was very helpful and answered all of my questions. I am so happy that I ordered from GRS and cannot wait to try building a virtual pinball machine in the future. Thanks for helping me build an impressive arcade and for being a great company to work with.

  25. Ricky D. (verified owner)

    I have bought both the fire stick and Deluxe bartop from Ryan. He has offered outstanding customer service throughout the process. He responded promptly to all emails. Everything worked as he said it would. I cannot wait for him to offer his large virtual pinball cabinet as I will be the first in line!

  26. George (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Great design and great service.

  27. Taylor Cruz (verified owner)

    I’m very satisfied with my order, even though I had some minor setback with my order. Ryan is the best person you can ever buy from, very fast at responding emails and very helpful. I would definitely recommend this kit, super sturdy and beautiful too. Great project, great salesman. Amazing. Just amazing.

  28. Jeffrey Richards (verified owner)

    Amazing kit and even better instructional videos and customer service! He even throws in some spares of the button parts so you don’t need to worry if one is DOA. Everything was well packaged and could not even move inside the box at all. I went with a Raspberry Pi 3 and could not be happier using his configuration files. Also, he updated the cabinet a little and the control panel can now rotate open to work on it without needing to take anything apart, a much appreciated update for sure!

  29. Space (verified owner)

    After spending months of research and much contemplation I finally decided to buy Game Room Solution’s Deluxe Bartop Kit. Wow!
    The build took me less than 4 hours to complete, mostly due to my excitement. I spent the time to design my own graphics and applied them myself.
    I would definitely recommend this kit to anyone who is wanting their own home arcade machine. I’m currently running HyperPie but about to delve into the Hyperspin world for a more complete experience.
    Thanks again Game Room Solutions! Ryan is super fast to respond to any questions and is extremely helpful!

  30. val.persaud

    I was initially a little apprehensive to order from Canada but I am so pleased with the pre/post-order support and merchandise that I received from GRS, I had to write this review. Firstly, I order the Deluxe Arcade Kit and it arrived in about 7 days to Toronto. The box was well packaged and everything was intact without any damage. The box is quite heavy due to the solid cabinet materials. After reviewing Ryan’s various videos several times, it only took about 4 hours to built the machine and then another 2 days to get the machine working. I am fairly new to this scene and Ryan was very helpful and prompt in responding to my questions. I am a VERY HAPPY CANADIAN customer! and would readily recommend GRS!!!

  31. William Harrington (verified owner)

    This kit was exactly what I had been looking for and I am very grateful to GRS for making such a great product. Ryan was always so quick to respond to any questions I had and this kit along with the videos they have created were all the tools I needed to create my own custom arcade. Everyone who comes to the house wants to know where I got it and how it was made and they are amazed when I tell them I built it myself at home. The graphics package is so professional and looks amazing and the options are literally limitless. I had so much fun building this machine and get a great deal of satisfaction know how it all works. Highly recommend this product and would encourage anyone to build their own. Game Room Solutions makes the process really easy and now I get to share all of these great games with my kids and see them enjoy them as much as I have, (with a lot less quarters involved).

  32. Patrick (verified owner)

    Had GRS assemble my system. Ryan was great through the entire process; He answered all my questions promptly and assisted me with the graphics templates for a graphic artist to work with. I still can’t believe how well this system turned out. The graphics are perfect, the cabinet is very high quality and intelligently designed for easy access to critical components and wiring. Also, they used the highest quality components (Sanwa, Viewsonic HD monitor etc). Our family could not be happier with the unit that GRS made for us. Very happy customer! Thank you again Ryan!

  33. roberts.matthew01 (verified owner)

    I’ve wanted to build an arcade cabinet for years. Here’s a list of things I do not have: woodworking skills, design skills, time, money, space, Here’s a list of things I do have: kids, wife, job and an AMAZING bartop! Thanks to this kit a childhood dream has come true. This thing is absolutely beautiful and it just works! Instead of months to even years of planning and sourcing I had exactly what I wanted in one weekend! It looks great and works even better! I would have spent more money on just tools to build something like this and it would have never been as good. Order one now!

  34. Jonathan S.

    Impeccable customer service (helped me save a couple thousand bucks…!), high-quality built machine and excellent customization options to create your own arcade cabinet! Highly recommended!

  35. Rob (verified owner)

    Just fantastic. Arcade is extremely high quality. Purchased the Guts Mega Pack so everything was ready to go after the build. Definitely worth the money if you don’t have the time to setup your own raspberry pi and mess with buying all the components. Ryan is quick to respond to questions as well. Great customer service.

  36. Brian

    I had been wanting to build a full size cabinet for a long time, problem is, I live in a townhome without a basement and the wife said her stipulation on building was that it would be something that would fit in a basement gameroom. I checked out GRS and found the bartop model. This was something I could easily sell my wife on. The kit arrived within 3 days of ordering which was surprising. Everything was in perfect shape when it arrived. I am very much inept when it comes to wood working, so I loved the cam lock system and the fact that everything was cut to perfection. I had the entire unit together in about 2 1/2 hours. Ryan was great at answering the questions that I had. Now I can’t get the wife off the unit, so I may be ordering a second one very soon so that we have dedicated systems for each other. Thanks GRS!!!!

  37. Darren mcclean

    Awesome product ,fast shipping ,even to Australia ,cheapest artwork I could find .,Ryan an absolute pleasure to deal with ,ur help is much appreatiated ,can’t wait till next project .

  38. Matt Kerewski (verified owner)

    Super easy to order and even easier to build. It’s great having the bartop on my desk!

  39. paulrob2007 (verified owner)

    As an absolute beginner at this stuff I feel bad for Ryan having to field my questions every day, but he has come through with aplomb! The cabinet is extremely well build and I’ve had far less trouble working on it than I’d ever have imagined. Seriously, if I can do this, and you crave the idea of having those retro games I remember playing growing up, buy from GRS and impress your friends and family!!

  40. rextacy3 (verified owner)

    After doing price shopping you’ll quickly realize that this kit is very competitively priced compared with similar offerings. I knew that, and I knew from reviews that the quality was high, but I was absolutely surprised by the speed with which my order was prepared and shipped (it arrived exactly 7 days after ordering and would have been faster but I needed time to work on the graphics. Likewise, you really can’t overstate how easy this cabinet to assemble, even for people with no experience with this sort of thing. Finally, the tutorials are very helpful, covering everything from photoshopping graphics, assembling the kit, wiring it up, etc. I can’t recommend this product enough to anyone with little experience interested in doing a first cabinet build.

  41. rkspartan150 (verified owner)

    Awesome!! Just purchased the Deluxe Bar Top w/ “Guts” package last week and received it yesterday. Everything arrived quickly, was packaged nicely and no damage to any parts. The quality of everything was top notch and I had no issues when putting it together. The tutorials and videos Ryan provided were definitely helpful during the build and Ryan was quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had. Outstanding customer service and excellent quality of materials. After showing this bartop of to my buds, I’m almost certain Ryan will be receiving more orders in the future! Thanks again and I absolutely love it!!

  42. akebono92 (verified owner)

    After much research I went with this company for the many different ways you can custom your arcade. I highly recommend the guts mega pack since it includes a Raspberry Pi and preconfigured image. I recommend you go on youtube and get yourself familiar with Retropie, Emulation Station, and Hyperpie. The was my first build and I had a lot of fun learning all the components and putting it together myself. The tutorials on this site will help you a lot. I also made a build video myself: Ryan and Company, THANK YOU!!! GAME ON!!!

  43. jazmine.trevizo (verified owner)

    The price of this kit and what you get are extremely reasonable. The packaging was top notch and everything was protected well with no damage to the parts. It was incredibly easy to build and there are guide videos for literally every aspect of this project. If I encountered any issues, they were because this was my first arcade build and I was learning along the way. I had this whole kit up and running within 4 days. I highly recommend!

  44. David Broz (verified owner)

    Wanted an arcade game for a very long time. Finally decided to get one. I did a ton of research on the net and discovered GRS had the best solution. I decided to get the cabinet, controls and graphics from GRS and source the “guts” myself. Prior to placing my order, Ryan answered all my questions and was very helpful. My order came quickly and was packaged very well, no damage in shipping at all. I had a few technical issues along the way, but once again Ryan was supper in helping out. My console is up and running and looks great. If you are looking to build a console yourself, GRS is by and far the best way to go. The instructions and video’s are first class. I would rate this kit as uncomplicated to build and an easy first project. Absolutely 100% satisfied with this kit and GRS. Only one word of caution, if you are sourcing your own parts, make sure they are NOT shipping from China. I’m still waiting for my 12V power supplies from Amazon (China).

  45. Bill S. (verified owner)

    I just wanted to write and say thank you for making such a great product! Finished up the arcade this morning and got to play it with it with my kids (6 and 3) and it was awesome getting to see them play the arcade games of my childhood. Thank you too for all of the great customer service along the way, from dealing with my custom order, helping me select a monitor, to my questions afterward. Looks and plays great! I will say that by the end of it, it totally reaffirmed there was absolutely no way I could have done this myself – I could really appreciate all of the detail that went into the design and woodworking on your end (and the graphics too, which were beautiful). And even though I was confused at first about the Sanwa joystick hardware because I was following the original controls and arcade assembly video (thanks for the link to the updated controls video on your YouTube/Twitter), I love that you keep thinking of ways to improve your product. I did follow your wiring guide but handled all the retropie setup on my own with a fresh install of 4.4 on the raspberry pi 3b+ and it all worked awesome and without any control glitches! Such a relief!! I am happy to share with your customers the steps I did in case they want to do their own thing and not the pre-made image though I am sure the premade image is great. But my experience shows that this kit works with any set up on Retropie not just the provided image and config files! So happy!

  46. Mike (verified owner)

    Very happy with the finished product. I purchased the 22″ deluxe bartop with the Plexiglas and the graphics package. I sourced my own parts, but the case is what makes the arcade. Easy to assemble and with the vinyl graphics it just looks fantastic. My only issue was the Insignia 22″ TV I used necessitated me having to move my TV mount back about 1 1/4″, which was no problem. Had it at a Superbowl party this weekend and now have three people wanting their own. Great job and great support. Thanks!

  47. Graham

    A couple years ago (yes, I’m late posting) I purchased this deluxe bartop and it is still one of the centerpieces of my bar that gets played every week. I did plenty of research and while I could find some others a little cheaper I have to say the build quality is just amazing and the artwork came out clean and sharp. Ryan was great to deal with and even gave good feedback when I submitted my artwork (Detroit Red Wings go look it up).

    The reason why I’m posting now is because I’m getting the barcade stand that will help me free up some space. Thanks Ryan.

  48. Chris Hrdlicka (verified owner)

    Ryan and crew are the best, i am so happy to relive my childhood dreams with this bartop arcade. Keep up the good work guys!

  49. Matt B (verified owner)

    Ok, so I rarely write reviews on things but this cabinet exceeded my expectations. I love building IT things but I do not love cutting wood…so I wanted the cabinet pre-cut. My wife was not keen on the idea of me doing this and figured it would just be another eye sore sitting in our basement not getting used. But when I finished it and showed it to her, she said “wow, that really looks nice…how much did you pay for that?” The cabinet arrived well packed in the box. TIP: be sure to watch the latest youtube videos on how to assemble the cabinet before doing anything. I was sure that the plexiglass pieces were missing until I watched the video and they explained how they are covered in protective paper and look like cardboard in the box. The videos also have tons of tips and tricks which will make your life much easier when assembling. I also ordered the graphics stickers and they look awesome. Everything internally I pieced together on my own from eBay and Amazon and it fit perfectly. Great Product!

  50. Jason

    Wonderful costumes service.
    My bartop paint chipped and was instantly shipped a replacement panel. I did not expect this but this company goes above and beyond.

  51. Kyle (verified owner)

    What else can I say other than TOP NOTCH Customer Service #1! I personally spoke with Tina/Ryan on multiple ocassions an they were extremely helpful in answering questions I had and very thorough and this includes after purchase. Now about the arcade, I have built many MAME cabs in the past from scratch and it has always been a pain in the butt, this solutions truly is the BEST solution out there especially for the price! I could not believe how easy it was to assemble, in fact my 4 year old son helped me build it and he had no issues at all! It was an amazing father-son project and turned out wonderful. The materials are top notch as well. GRS has a customer for life in me thank you guys for everything you do!

  52. damigg (verified owner)

    I give this and OMG! rating. This is by far the best on the web worth every penny. If you are looking for and arcade project look no farther you found the best everyone else is far behind. very well constructed, customer service is top notch ( and I have been a pest)’ and shipping time is quick. I will get all I need from GRS!

  53. Brian

    I ordered the bartop deluxe with graphics from GRS. I assembled it with my kids as a quarantine project and was extremely impressed with the quality and ease of putting it together. Everything looked great and you can tell that they have really put a lot of time and thought into making assembly easy with the cam-lock system. I would highly recommend this to someone thinking about. One last thing, I will probably buy the stand to convert it to a full cabinet.

  54. Rodney Smith (verified owner)

    I wanted to thank everyone at gameroom solutions for all of there help during my build..I use to work at Ballys arcade years ago so I loved Malaga so that is my art work..thanks again.

  55. Cary P Fox (verified owner)

    Very meticulous packaging. Every piece was wrapped in such a way that unless thrown off the back of the truck, no damage would occur. Once I provided graphics files, it seemed like it appeared almost overnight. Great communication during ordering, processing and shipping stages. Only improvement I could suggest would be to shrink wrap the t-molding instead of taping to prevent adhesive residue, but this was handling easily with a little goo-gone

  56. Alex Aguila

    Ryan was very helpful and game room solutions got my custom ordered machines shipped fast . They are beautiful and work great !

  57. Alberto Olmos (verified owner)

    I came across a Sonic Bar top arcade and I emailed Tyler, he was able to make the Sonic Arcade exactly to what I wanted! Tyler was professional at all times. Quality was beyond my expectations. I have purchased cabinets from other companies and GameRoomSolutions was by far the superior product! I already purchased a second TMNT cabinet and already in the works for designing a 3rd!

  58. Axel

    I just received a Bartop Deluxe Bundle and I’m amazed. I looks great and worked out of the box. Had a little issue with the amplifier and GRS just refunded it to me. Great support bevor and after I bought it. Thx

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